Meet The Team

Laci Johnson

Role: Owner of Rising Tide Fitness

Why I Coach: As a healthy food and fitness lover my passion is educating, supporting, and empowering everyone I work with to develop the confidence and encouragement to push themselves further than they think they can go.

What I Bring to the RTF Family: I grew up playing sports and loved the competition and challenge, but most of all the team. There is something about working towards a goal with a group of supportive and positive people that can help get you to a level you may not otherwise reach. The community and camaraderie is just an added benefit I have found through working out with others.

Background: Born and raised here in Rockport, Texas, I am blessed to call this beautiful town on the water home. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Texas State University and then was a Nutrition and Culinary Arts teacher for nine years here at my high school alma mater

Favorite Workout: While I know the many benefits of eating clean and providing my body the right foods, I also very much delight in a long (or short), challenging, sweaty workout. Moving a barbell and slowing down to work on technique is also at the top of my list of favorite things to do. I love that the workouts/weightlifting I have done in the past have helped me become stronger.

When I’m Not In the Gym: I enjoy spending time with my husband, John, and our two children. We go hunting and fishing, travel together and all have so much fun when we spend time together as a family.

Joshua Safarik

Role: Coach of Rising Tide Fitness

Why I Coach: I Love everything about it, from talking with the athletes, knowing and helping with their goals, and witnessing them grow through the hard work they put in every class. I Enjoy seeing individuals become better versions of themselves either through Diet, Exercise and Mindset. I truly believe in the benefit of taking an hour out of your day to work on your self to work on these things.

What I Bring to the RTF Family: Excitement and Experience. I have been in the Crossfit/Functional fitness world around 10 years and have had the honor of coaching under some amazing mentors for over 9 years. There is a lot of knowledge that comes with that. Every one moves different in some way and this continues to expand my knowledge and ability to be a better coach. I am excited constantly (sorry morning crew) and even more so when PRs of any kind happen.

Background: I grew up in Rockport, Texas since I was 6 and mostly played soccer through out school. After high school I decided the Coast Guard was where I was going. Being able to live in 3 different states in 4 years my tour was over and South Texas came calling with the Oil Field Boom. That’s where I found Crossfit. It took my ever persistent wife 8 months to get me to attend a class. Let’s just say I was HOOKED. I completely fell in love with the classes, athletes, coaches and a year in a half later I got my Crossfit Level 1 trainer, USA Weightlifting Level 1 and began coaching. I utilized my GI Bill to get my Fire fighter, EMT basic, and an Associates in Fire Science. Recently I received my Crossfit kids Certification.

Favorite Workout: YES…. Seriously all of them. Mostly the ones that I can’t do or have a hard time doing.

When I’m Not In the Gym: Busy very Busy. I play the drums at Grace Point on the shifts that I am not at the fire station. My two boys and I are a handful for my wife. I enjoy working and moving so she keeps us busy with the ever expanding project, gardening, new animals, tearing down or building things, or just the occasional “GO OUTSIDE”. I am a nerd at heart, I enjoy me a new video game so naturally the oldest and I play a good bit of Halo together. I am not big into tv shows but I am always watching movies or some sort of Crossfit videos/documentaries.

Joshua Safarik